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Preston Myre Real Estate Services Winnipeg Properties

Specializing in the development of large-scale retail mixed use centres as well as commercial and residential land development. Preston Myre Real Estate Services Winnipeg Properties is a driving force within the real estate service advisory market with a proven track record for success. By constantly innovating and creating new markets or repositioning existing markets to suit the needs of our investors, tenants, and that of the marketplace, we have achieved significant returns on investment.

Residential Developments
Shopping Centres
Entertainment Centres
Large Format Retail
Mixed Used Developments
Urban Infill

Connect now if you have any question or need information on our development models to see how we can help each other.
We are available through Phone, Email and Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and instagram).

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Services Offering:
Our Developer Services Team is full service and can provide any of the following:
Situation Analysis
Sales Strategy
Onsite Sales
Sales and Marketing Plan/Budgets
Target Market Demographics
Pricing Recommendations and Strategy
Social Networking
Sale and Competition Reporting
Multiple Listing Service and Strategic Updates
Supervision of Advertising, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Social Media, and Public Relations
Database Management
Transaction Management
Industry Events

Connect With Us:
We are ready to go to work for you!
You deserve nothing less than exceptional representation. Preston Myre, backed by the has the ability to bring your development to a global audience with international exposure and visionary marketing; coupled with a unique “high-touch” sales approach. We look forward to building a partnership that exceeds your expectations and goals!